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~ Machines That Bleed ~

Detective game about manipulation & MURDER!

Demo I

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Machines That Bleed is a cheesy investigation visual novel about solving cases by managing and manipulating the emotions of others. It has been compared to games like Ace Attorney, and L.A. Noire. Inspired by Detective Noir Films and Bad Crime Dramas, Machines That Bleed brings Jazz, Comedy, and Melodrama to the table!


Automate Industries, leaders in the robot production trade, have successfully made robots a norm in society. But, in a city overflowing with CRIME!! and VIOLENCE!!, it has only made things worse for the police. When THEFT!!, REVENGE!!, and MURDER!! are on everybody's mind, WHO CAN BE TRUSTED?!

Listen to the OST here

Listen to the OST here

Install instructions

  1. Unpack and Open the ".zip" file.
  2. Open the "mtb_demo_final_play" folder.
  3. ...
  4. Make sure no spies or assassins are in the room.
  5. Open the readme.txt and join the Discord chatroom!
  6. Take a moment to reconsider, before it's too late.
  7. Call your mom or a close relative to let them know what exactly you plan on doing. (Hopefully, they might just talk you out of it.)
  8. Does that glass of juice taste funny? The game is only 30 minutes and cyanide takes roughly an hour to act, so why stop now?
  9. ...
  10. Take a deep breath... Good luck.
  11. Double-click the "game.exe" file.


mtb_demo_final_play.zip 80 MB