A downloadable game for Windows

Machines That Bleed is a cheesy investigation visual novel about solving crime in a sci-fi dystopia & managing the emotions of others.  It's up to Buster, an aspiring but incompetent investigator, to crack the case.

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As of writing this, I've been game developing for roughly 4 years. In the wake of Lockheart Indigo (LHI) nearing Alpha release & its recent increase in visibility, I thought it interesting for my fellow developers to show off Machines That Bleed: the project that eventually became LHI. This project was released 2 years (or less) into my career as a game developer.

In many aspects, we can see the silhouette of LHI through the style & the mechanics of this game. To me, this project still feels amateurish, but I'm still very proud of it. MTB was a major stepping stone in the my growth as a game developer (& as a person).


Machines That Bleed (DEMO) 80 MB