Pre-Alpha 4.0

The Alpha is 84% done... Four... Maybe Five builds left? We're so close!

This build introduces Jacob Spillmen, a nervous young chap who's forced to keep his trap shut...

What's new:

  • The Lab Area has been revised.
  • The Nursery Area is accessible.
  • Jacob Spillmen, a new suspect!

On a personal note, I've had to focus on my health a bit & spend some time away from Lockheart Indigo. I don't really wanna burden you with the details. Expect some wholesome motivation tweets in the near future. Don't worry, Lockheart Indigo releases are still on schedule.


I'm unsure when the next build will be, that said,
I'll post a release schedule for August & September
 next week.  


Pre-Alpha 3.4 430 MB
Jun 04, 2019
Pre-Alpha 4.0 430 MB
Jun 04, 2019

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Seem to somehow got myself stuck.

Thanks for reporting this! I'll patch it up soon.


It was on my way back through if that helps.  Trying to avoid spoiler

It does! Thanks.