Beta 1.0

I began my journey as an Indie Game Developer 5 years ago; trying to get my first full fledged game on it's feet. Before that, I was a musician trying to start punk bands since High School. This game means the WORLD to me. It's my first fully fledged professional creation & It's so close to reaching it's completion!

This Beta contains every feature the final game will have. A few retouches are unavoidable, but everything is there! The game is as good as finished.

I've had so many positive comments & I know the game holds a lot of meaning for many. I genuinely feel Lockheart Indigo is becoming it's own creation separate from me & I couldn't be more proud.

I'm not sure what the future holds. I'll be taking a break in order to plan my next move. I can guarantee that Beta 2.0 will improve most of the most recent features as they are quite buggy.

Speaking of which, here is the list of features:

  • Locks & Keys have been revised.
  • Irrelevant Facts have been fixed.
  • The Interrogation's Fact system will no longer ask for multiple Facts on Lloyd & Yvon.
  • The communication window has been revised. (It's still pretty buggy though. I apologize.)
  • The text, spelling, & poetry of the whole game has been revised. (Special thanks to @Kill2birds)
  • Robot Sprites have been revised.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Puzzles have been balanced.
  • New Music has been added!
  • Persuasions will now tell you which skills you've already used.

I'm so glad everyone will be able to play this close to final version of the game. I'll be keeping my twitter followers updated on what I'm up to in the next few days. Take a look if you're interested!

Until next time,

- Harmless


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17 days ago

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Do you have a preference for where you prefer to receive bug reports?

Here or on the main page is fine!


Alright, here goes:

Apparently progressing too far with talking to the Painter will cause Ivan to not spawn, and will also open up the Old Door to the smaller archives before players even have the key. At least, I think this is the cause of those; It's possible that getting and using the Chic Key to enter the Floor 4 offices before speaking with Yvon in Floor 2 was to blame, but I feel the Old Door was affected moreso by talking to the Painter in the fireplace.

A smaller glitch I noticed is that you can apparently open the Creepy Door east of Schmitd in Floor 1 by canceling out of the Keys/Quit menu, even without the key in your possession.

Other than wrong word choice/typoes, everything else appeared to be fine. There's some graphical oddities when entering the menu after getting items (keys, evidence) where the cursor doesn't display until you've made and then canceled a selection in the menu, some sort of bizarre double cursor effect whenever you return to the title screen, and the 'letterboxing' in the garden seems to not work properly if you're entering the area on foot from the mansion. I'm not sure if those are just my low spec compy not able to handle MV engine games as well as it ideally should, of if they're actually script errors.

That's it for bug reports unless you want screenshots or specific proofreading. Those aside, I have a gameplay question- but it'll almost definitely spoil more of the game and I don't see a good way to hide stuff on itch comments, so I'll hold off just in case.

Great! I'll look into those soon!


I'm incredibly excited to play it! Are streams encouraged or should we wait for the final go-ahead? (:

Go for it! ^^