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I'm sorry for earlier. But my friends likes me to see the wiki including you. Let's be friends if you want to.

This is a link about The Biggest Video Game Database on RAWG (I didn't add that) :


Hi! I really love this game so far! This is exactly something i've been wishing existed and I will be playing this to the end :) The only thing is I had to reset and lose some progress because I got stuck on the following scenario:

I have examined the body and am about to leave the doctor's quarters. On my way down cleaning robots come to block my way and instead of going to the left to let them pass me I go back to the doctor. Now I'm stuck because every time I try to exit the robots block my path.

That said very interesting game with super interesting story and mechanics! Good work and I will be following you in the future too <3

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In the end I locked myself from progressing because I didnt take the note in the archive and when I try to go back a hostile robot kills me. Too frustrated to continue now but maybe I'll give it a shot later. ;___;

I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm not sure what happened that led to these two issues, but I'll into them soon. The next version will include a Debug Menu that will allow you to skip sections of the game, so hopefully this will help you progress without frustration if an issue comes up. Thank you for your patience. The game is still a work in progress. Best of luck!


Hey! Does anyone know where to find the creepy key? Also, I'm stuck at the part where you make a move for the area that brings you up to the fourth floor and the robot locks the door and talks to you. I have Witness Level 2, Cause of Death Level 3, Yvon's Will, and Evan's Will. I have the Gate key, Business key, Crafty key, Chic key, Old key, and Garden key. I think the lady in the bar has something to do with it, but I can't find a way to wake her up.


I also can't find the missing sheets that Ivan needs.

Feel free to look at the Walkthrough. Chances are you need to talk to Yvon & persuade him, OR you need to look in the archives on the 3rd floor on the bottom right. Good luck!


Just finished, so sad to leave this game, it made me so happy. Can't wait to see hat you create next. Please tell me their is a sequel and has something to do with Beatrice's sister.

Glad you enjoyed yourself! ;)


hi the game is not working, i press on game and it pops up with the question to open the game, i click yes the game opens but the screen is just black, help please

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UPDATE: i re unziped the file and it worked, so yeah everything is fine now. But there is a problem i tried moving my saves from the previous version and when i start up the game they are not there.

The save files aren't compatible with different versions of the game for the moment.

huh.. really? i tried and it worked perfectly fine


i really liked the game but i've noticed that when i open the menu to find the right key to use the robots continue to move.Sometimes when i unlock the door the robots immediately catch me and I have to restart from my last saved file.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll be looking into tweaking how the robot section feels in the near future.


Hello ! The game is great so far, I enjoyed a lot the Questioning mechanic. However, I think the Keys Menu should be removed. It's become very annoying when I am  pursued by the robots, it broke the rythm and the robots are still moving when I am in the menu


Dutifully noted. Glad you enjoyed your experience so far!


You're welcome. Thank you for making good games ! ;)

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This is pretty enjoyable! I enjoy the Persuasion and Questioning. Makes me feel smarter than I actually am, haha. 

One small note for the Mac version; it doesn't appear to let me save for some reason. I know that it's an unstable version, but it's still a bit of an exasperating experience to try to use the phone, only to be unable to save the game. It also means that I lost my progress once I got pretty far in the game, which was a pain. 

I still loved the game so far; but unfortunately I think until you can make a stable Mac version I might hold off on playing the full version.

I happy to hear that! The next build will have a debug menu with a Chapter Select feature. Hopefully this will fix your issue. ^^


Thank you very much! I really love the mystery so far-- and what I ended up doing was running the Windows version with Wine, because I loved the story a lot. I really like the characters and Beatris's backstory is very interesting to me. You've done a lovely job! 

Thank you so much. Also, props to you for going through Wine to play my game. I'm flattered. Take care!


It's a weird little mix of themes but it's quite enjoyable. I love the persuasion mechanics a lot. 10/10 would recommend!

Thank you so much! I'm curious, what did you find strange? :0


Robots in a big elegant mansion with a shady family and a murder mystery. It's kind of futuristic but doesn't look futuristic at all :D

I get ya. Might have some funny stories to tell about why things ended up this way later once the game is released.


I love the game and was close to beating it but accidentally saved and overwrote my previous file right before dying by a robot. Now everytime I load my saved game I die right away NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Any possible solutions other than starting all over again? I feel like an idiot

Please, don't feel like an idiot. The next build will have a debug menu with a Chapter Select feature. Hopefully this will fix your issue. ^^ Glad you enjoy the game so far. ;P

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Hey there its me again.

Spoilers ahead

hey there so the thing is i believe i finished the build 4.5 because their are no master key doors and i cant get to Nasha nor Ivan. so when is the ext build. and one other thing when you open the map and look on the 3rd floor their is a baldish guy next to the phone, who is he and why is he not there? Just want to say that the game is bomb, i love everything about it the plot twists and others, there is a big difference in the builds and i think its for the better. Keep up the good work and remember to have fun and not to stress out, we are here to support you.

Hey Ana_22,

Thank you for checking on the update! Can you let me know where you are in the game? Did you just leave the dinning hall after removing the paintings? (If so, check up on Lloyd.) As for the map, its pretty outdated. I need to fix the assets.


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OMG this is the best game ever but such a cliffhanger can't wait for the update.

;) Alpha 1.0 next week

Yay can't wait, so happy

Is the Alpha still coming out this week?

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I'm obviously not good at this game.  The part where you have to avoid the robots, I keep dying.  I think I even locked the game once.  I love this game, reguardless of my lack of skill to play it.

It might just be that this part of the game isn't properly balanced yet. Thank you for playing!

No, I'm just really "guns blazing" while this game requires tactic.

gotcha gotcha


Hello, I know I've commented before, but I recently played through the most recent update.  I just wanted to tell you that I cannot be more excited to see the ending!  You have created a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to what is to come!  Hope you have a fantastic day!

Hi MidnightEyes,

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Your comments are very kind. I've just finished writing the ending & am incredibly excited to finally reveal it to everyone in two weeks!

Thank you for your support,
- Harmless

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this was so fun and charming, def the best rpgmaker game i've played. i'll be sure to buy the full version when its out!

altho a bug i noticed is that even following the walkthrough it's not possible to persuade aya, the 3 correct options you have access too at that stage arent enough to fill the bar

Thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot.

As for the bug, the build coming out this week already solves this issue.

Thank for playing!


Here is the second part of my let's play on this game. I got frustrated at the boxes pushing part after talking with Lloyd but now I know how to do it and I'm gonna do it next time.

Enjoy the video!

See ya!


Thank you for playing!

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