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this was so fun and charming, def the best rpgmaker game i've played. i'll be sure to buy the full version when its out!

altho a bug i noticed is that even following the walkthrough it's not possible to persuade aya, the 3 correct options you have access too at that stage arent enough to fill the bar

Thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot.

As for the bug, the build coming out this week already solves this issue.

Thank for playing!


Here is the second part of my let's play on this game. I got frustrated at the boxes pushing part after talking with Lloyd but now I know how to do it and I'm gonna do it next time.

Enjoy the video!

See ya!


Thank you for playing!


I have a Mac, and for some reason every time I try to go to the main hall on floor 2 I get stuck behind the wall and cannot continue?

I also can't seem to save it lol.

Hey Jordan,

I've already been made aware of these issue & will be resolving them in future builds.

Thank you for reporting these bugs & for playing.



Ohhhh this. This! This is one of the coolest little RPG maker gems I've come across!

There are so many great little mechanics built into this, I love the interrogation system and the persuasion abilities, all mixed in with some good old classic box pushing puzzles and finding the right keys for the right doors. I was in retro heaven playing this!

The story is also amazing (kinda important for a mystery adventure game like this one!), the characters are all fantastic and feel so real, the suspense and tension is nearly impossible to bear and the subtle undercurrents of humour and horror are mixed in really nicely too.

Honestly, a lot of people write off games like this before they even try them and I think that's a darn shame because everyone puts their own unique little touch on games like this, and Lockheart Indigo is a real breath of fresh air =) give this game a try, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised!

Keep up the awesome work dev, looking forward to seeing future updates! Right, back to the game I go!


Thank you so much!! I've seen your playthrough & I'm glad you've enjoyed the game! Feel free to post your following videos here. Cheers!


Ah, you're more than welcome! And thanks for the invitation to share some more of my playthrough here! I don't normally do that unless asked as I don't want to feel like I'm trying to self-promote too much, as it's more about the games than me! But I hope my vids help you to work on future updates and such (as well as provide some form of entertainment as well haha!) =)


My pleasure! Hope the rest of the playthrough goes well!

Oops, forgot to pop part 3 here... so here's two parts for the price of one! =D


Really fun game with great story line and graphics!
My only issue is that after Margaret "escorted" me out of the archives, I couldn't load my data and when I tried to it would show Beatris running around in a dark room with a map in the corner. After clicking space bar it would tell me image failed to load, retry. 

Hi SaeyoungChoi707,
Sorry about the save file bug, I'm working on it. Glad you enjoyed the game though.
Thanks for playing!


Ok! Thank you very much for responding! It was a pleasure to play! 

Full Playlist:

Last part of the gameplay I have recorded (for now)  There are a few glitches, but I saw someone already addressed them in the comments and they'll pop up in the video to. Keep up the great work and look forward to playing more of the game once more is released!

Hey ScarletSharkie, thanks for keeping us updated with your letsplay! Ill watch it as soon as I get home. Alpha 1 should be ready soon! After that, I'll be tackling a few of the bugs players have pointed.


Can't wait! Was very happy to play it!


Hello there! I made a video for this game since I really like detective stuff. I didn't have any issues with the game so thumbs up on that!

I will definitely make a series for this!

Enjoy the video!


I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Feel free to post the rest of your videos. ;)


I love your game and am really intrested in the development of this game, but I have a with the game. The first time I ever played this game, I stopped and came back the next day, and the game said that the worldmap(I think) was missing. This the biggest problem I have so far, since it will require me to play the entire game in one full sitting.(As a person who is dumb when it comes to games like these, I take a long time.) This wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for that when I open the game, My save file isn't there anymore. I really want to enjoy the game to the end! I am playing on Windows BTW.

Spoilers ahead!

I looked at the walkthrough and noticed some things that didn't line up with my game. In my game for example, the ghost bow is nowhere to be found and there was a persuasion choice with Aya (Right after talking to Yvon) that was not found in my options (Hold responsible). What am I supposed to have there?

Hi Kikispears,

I'm really sorry about the save file. I've been having issues with it (a few bugged areas cause saving to glitch. I believe the next build will have these issues fixed.) 



As for the Walkthrough, yes, that's normal. The Ghost's Bow will be added in the next build. Hold Responsible is available if you've selected the first upgrade instead of the second.

Thanks for playing & I'm happy you enjoyed yourself,
- Harmless


I've been following the game for the last two months and so, and I only wished that I found about your work sooner! I'm a sucker for detective games and I've been really enjoying LI thus far. I'm curious to see how this ends! Wishing you luck on the development! 

Possible Spoilers:

I looked at the walkthrough you recently posted and I noticed that the Painter should have dropped a Fact, but I checked my inventory and I couldn't find it even though I'm pretty sure that I found him in all the locations. Am I doing something wrong or is this something that will be added in the later Builds?   

You're completely right, This will be added in the Pre-Alpha 4.5 build (Which is being released on the 16th.) Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm working hard to have the Alpha 1 completed & released asap.

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Hey there how's the new build going, i was checking in too find out if you have fixed the map92 problem i had before.

oh and one more question...spoiler warning

i don't know how to get to ivan on the 4 floor as the robots are blocking my way, i also can't seem to find nasha anywhere. Oh and one more thing when you walk threw the baby door the game goes into credits, i thought you would fix it in 4.0 but its still there. Thats all, love your work.

Hi Ana,

It should be fixed though I can't confirm. If there still is an issue, I'll be doing some deeper digging after the alpha is complete.

[Spoiler answers below]

As for Ivan, if you're talk about after the robots start attack, you can't reach him. Pre-Alpha 4.1 (coming out tomorrow) will have more content past the 4th floor lab area.


I don't know if this has been reported yet but sometimes when i walk through doors it will transport me somewhere random and then i will be glitched in a wall and unable to move. I originally thought it might have been because of me running through the doors, but when i reloaded my save and tried normally walking through doors it still happened. Its really frustrating. Apart from that i absolutely love the game! Keep up the great work

Hi Demi, Yes, I've already been made aware of it. I'll be working to fix those bugs after the alpha. Thank you for playing & glad you enjoyed yourself!

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Here is part 3 of my gameplay. I have one more part (for now) since the 4.0 release. The new release was great and can't wait to see what happens! Don't wanna say to much and give away spoilers. Keep up the great work!


Thanks again! Your videos have really helped me pin point certain issues I need to fix in the gameplay. Looking forward to the next video ^^ Cheers!

Very happy to help and love playing the game!


Hey! First of all: I really love your game, especially the art style and the music. But I'm currently playing the Mac version (3.1.1) and I have a problem with saving my game. Every time I wanna save my file with one of the telephones, it just says "off commission", so basically can't save my game and I always  have to  restart it. 

Is it supposed to be like that?

Thank you so much! Have you pressed enter or space on the "off commission" file you wanted to save on?

Yes, but nothing happens if I do

That's very strange. Thanks for reporting it, I'll fix it up in the Alpha.


Hello!  Just wanted to say I have enjoyed the game immensely!  Fantastic mechanics and a very intriguing story.  My only thing is that after I had quit the game, it basically won't allow me to access the file again.  It won't read the world map, basically.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work!

Yeah, I've been having trouble with some of the save points. It's a bug. Should be fixed soon. Once the Alpha is out, I'll add tools to skip parts of the game if ever this sort of bugs shows it nose again. Very happy you enjoyed yourself! I'll keep working hard! Cheers~

Can't play keep getting error: TypeError cannot read property of 'resolution' of undefined. I'm running via the itch app via sandbox mode.

I'm not supporting Itch App Sandbox at the moment, sorry :c


Here is part 2 of my game play. I'm so excited to see 4.0 out and gonna start playing that today to see what's new. Can't wait to play it again! Once finished I will play the full game and have it up on my channel to show it off.

Thanks, Awesome! Feel free to post the rest of your lets-play here. The videos are great!


I most definitely will! Thank you!


Hey I found a glitch or maybe its meant to be like this, after i visit the room in the basement it says that i'm missing the map92 file, i checked the insides of the game only to find it missing with the map91 file, not sure if its meant to be like this. i really want to see it so i can continue to play. also when you talk to todo it says add dialogue to the bookcases, is it one of your reminders? i really want to play the rest of the game, also i can't find Nasha anywhere where is she?

Weird. Im pretty sure its normal that maps 91 & 92 would be missing, but i don't understand why the game still refers to them. I'll into it. As for the other dialogue box, yeah that probably a note for myself that I forgot. Haha oups! ;)

Oh okay, can't wait to see what happens at the end. how long will i have to wait for?

Hard to say, which version of the game are you playing & on what operating system? (Alpha 1.0 might be out by October, nothing confirmed yet though)

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I play the windows version (4.0), do you think you can fix the glitch somewhat within the week or 2

i really like Jacob's story can't wait to continue it

P.S. love your work

I can't promise anything since most of bug fixing will happen after Alpha 1.0 is out. My hands are full at the moment. Regardless, there will be a new build on the 2nd of august I believe (With more content). Trying to get Alpha 1.0 done by October. 



I was playing this awesome game when I noticed a small mistake in the dialouge - when you look at the bloody bath in Evan's bedroom it says 'rinced' rather than rinsed. It's a small mistake, but I thought I'd let you know regardless. :)

Thanks! I'll be patching up spelling mistakes soon.


Spent my mornig coffee with the pre-alpha 4.0 and I'm really impressed :) Couple of small things I encountered:

- Accessing the creepy door on Floor 1 Manufacture from the north before having the Creepy key makes Beatris turn up when inspecting the door, instead of down

- After leaving the mansion there's a black border in the lower left part of the screen (I was on my way to Ivan when it happened)

-After getting the Chic key on my way back to Schmidt the transfer event brought me into the wrong room. Luckily, I could get out there with the phone. 

- When I first entered the room with the painter (Did this after talking to Schmidt but before talking to Ivan) the transfer brought me to the south wall of the painter's room. Nothing major

But all in all this is already such a cool game. The atmosphere and music are top notch as are the pixel-animations. The investigation has such a great vibe to it. Also, the interactions between Beatris and Mrs Volkov are very interesting and create a nice connection to both of them. I also love the area I'm in right now, the office full of agents. Don't want to go too much into detail here but in just 2 hours of gameplay you already have me hooked on a number of things. Wow, wow, wow!

I really appreciate you saying so! I hope the rest of the story will be just as enjoyable. I've taken note of the issues you pointed to. Some of which I'm well aware of (Notably, the transfer bug that keeps re-emerging.) Once again, thanks for playing!

PS: I'll get around to your game. Don't worry ;)

I love the game so much, i finished 3.4 and i can't wait for the full release. when is it coming out by the way. and how much will it cost

Thank you! It's hard to say, as there is still a lot of work to do. I'm hoping to release it for 2020, but I'm not even sure. I don't want to promise anything without knowing if I can deliver. I can say though that the complete Alpha will be out this year for sure!

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I am truly in loveeee with this game. thank you so much for making this, however, I play the mac version 3.1.1 of this game, after i had found 'the client', the game encountered an error and unable to loading the map so that I can't countinue to play :( 

But your game is truly amazing and I love the story <3 Tysm 


Thank you for the kind words! The mac version is still very unstable, I should be releasing a better one in the coming month. I'll keep working hard. Cheers!

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I am in love with this game! I love these style games and it's so much fun trying to solve mysteries. There are a few rough spots and glitches. A few typos here and there, 1 time I saved the game,  tried to leave Yvon's office and it just looped me back to his office and got stuck in a corner and couldn't leave. This happened in a few different spots where I'd get stuck somewhere, but luckily for one instance the phone was right there so I just used it to get unstuck. Other than those few little rough spots you've got a great game coming along here and I can't wait until the full game is out. I've played the game for my YouYube channel and I did it in 3 parts, but here is part 1 I've got uploaded. Keep up the great work!

Hi Scarlet, Thank you so much for lets-playing the game! Your enthusiasm is very appriciated, especially when the game is in such a rough shape. I'll be listenning to the two the videos in a minute. Cheers!


i've been wanting to play this since i saw it on twitter but i don't have windows. will there ever be a mac version for it?

I can compile one for you soon. I'll upload an old mac version I have laying around in the meanwhile ;)


i love it so far!! im really excited to finish the rest. keep it up!

i did however find when i went to go back to a save point, the game glitched and i was off the map.

Yes, this is an issue that was pointed out to me last week. It should be fixed in build Pre-Alpha 4.1
Also, glad you enjoyed it!


Very interesting story! I really liked the art style and the music felt very fitting to the game, keep up the good work :D

How long have you been working on this game? :)

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thanks! I'll look into it.
- Frank


i like this!

Thank you!


Loved this! Played through your latest build (and made a video, hope that's okay!), and am really looking forward to the full release!

I did try to give some comprehensive feedback/critique (with examples) towards the end of my video on it (starting around the 1:19:37 mark). Overall, save for a few very minor issues with typos and bugs, this is a really fun game with a lot of promise! :^) 

Your playthrough was very informative! I really appreciate the time you took to not only explore the game, but return on elements you felt should be pointed out. It's always nice when a lets-player does that for any indie project still in development. After a while of working on a project, we indies often lose our objective perspective & aren't sure how someone new to the game will understand things. Your video was very fun to watch! Cheers!
- Harmless

This game is amazing, I really love the style and the puzzle features. But after I save the game sometimes goes blank except for the character. This game is great so far though, and I cant wait for the finished product! 

Thank you so much for your encouragement! This is the first time I hear about such an issue, reporting it was very appreciated. I'll look into it during Alpha or Beta.

This game is a blast, and I really love the interrogation methods.  It feels nostalgic, and yet unique and new.  My only drawback is that I keep getting stuck between the walls and because I can't save my files, I keep having to restart the game.  But other than that, I love the game enough to keep restarting to try and get back to where I was because the story is so compelling and fun.  Keep up the good work! 

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I have a new version coming along that fixes these issues. I'm really glad you enjoyed your experience!

Deleted 163 days ago

Hey Wallace, thanks for the feedback! I'm working hard to fix up some of the issues you mentionned. Glad you enjoyed your playthrough!

- Harmless

Hello again, coming back to this comment because it stuck with me. 

As someone who wants to be talented at (amongst other things) storywriting, it's actually really encouraging to hear that the story was "meh", but that you still enjoyed your overall experience. It tells me the project itself is good & that my efforts aren't wasted, even if there is still a lot to fix.

Weird out of place statement, I know, but felt it needed mentionning. 

Thanks again!

- Harmless

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I really liked the game but I had some issues: When I try to question Ivan he switches into Lloyd and I don't get his actual testimony. The game stops when I talk to Julia the pink robot.  Nothing happens when I present facts to characters with 0% like Margaret. Detective gets stuck from time to time


Oups, my bad. I forgot to lockout the rest of the game. (Anything after Yvon should be considered unfinished content.) These aren't bugs as much as they are unfinished game elements. I'll be posting a new version fixing these soon. Thank you for playing!~ I hope you enjoyed it.


I did! I really liked the game :)

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Looks rlly cool and im gald you made it for cheap comuters to play but when i was playing i was walking the halls rigt after i enterd the mansion i went through the wall and got stuck and couldnt move at " Floor two main hall i went to the right side."

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently looking into this issue. Should be fixed in the next build 


Floor 3 upper hall, if you leave the old door (nasha room), Beatris disappears

Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.






my world this looks so beautiful, and that's not just because teal is my favorite color

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed "Lockheart Teal" :P


real nice game, I like how the final guy wasn't convinced by your act


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Im in love with your game!

However minor bug, sometimes when I enter a room, il get stuck in a pervious hallway's wall, able to move direction but not walk anywhere.

Another minor bug I've came across; when I changed the sound, then went to press x , and error screen came up, 

Glad you enjoyed it! The hallway bug has already been fixed in the next version. I'll look into the volume bug, this is the first time I hear of this.  Thank you for the bug reports!

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First things first, OMG! I just found this game and I played through it and I LOVE IT! I really loved all the new mechanics added to the base RPGMaker. All the puzzles and traits are really clean and I never found myself stuck on any one problem. The rooms were all unique enough that I never felt lost, either. The only problems I had was the warping through rooms. I found myself stuck on the other side of the phone on the first floor and a couple blocks too up from another room. All the characters I felt too felt vibrant and colorful, not just because of the great use of color, and that ending! It kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole trip! I can't wait to follow the development of this game! (Also the art is amazing! I need to emphasize what a great moment [insert spoilers here] was!)


First off, I want to thank you for your enthusiasm. I take it to heart. I'll jot down the issues with the phone & try to patch them soon. I'm curious to know which spoiler you're talking about. Do you mean the later scene with Yvon? Thanks again for playing!
- Harmless


I got a minor bug. In the Doc's Ward in the room just above the morgue area theres a spot of blood. Investigating it just gives me the message "The Chair was Cleaned"

Thanks for reporting the bug! We're on it.

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