A downloadable game for Windows


A private-eye must deceive a rich family
into revealing their darkest secrets, 
before the killer amongst them 
silences everyone.

  • Mansion
    • 4 floors (5 x 5 rooms each)
    • Map (Explored Areas)
    • Locks & Keys
    • 1 hour of Gameplay (~3 hour in the final version)
    • Save points
  • Investigation
    • 7 Suspects
    • 3 Witnesses
    • 16 clues
  • Interrogation
    • Unlockable Testimonials
    • Persuade a suspect to reveal secrets using "Psycho Skills"
    • 12 Personality Traits (To clue you as to which Psycho Skill to use)


Pre-Alpha 2.1.0 406 MB

Development log


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I got a minor bug. In the Doc's Ward in the room just above the morgue area theres a spot of blood. Investigating it just gives me the message "The Chair was Cleaned"

Thanks for reporting the bug! We're on it.


I remember trying this out a while back, I've been meaning to come back to it.

Just played through 2.1 and I absolutely loved it, great job! Can't wait to see more!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best to get the game at Alpha & Beta state quickly. For feedback, do you mind telling me what you enjoy (or don't) about the game? Thank again!


Hi! Just chanced upon your page again and saw that I must have forgotten to respond to you! Sorry about that!

Obviously it's been a while since I played now, so I can't recall any specific criticisms. I remember I encountered a bad teleport at some point which softlocked the game, but upon re-loading it didn't happen. Can't remember where abouts that happened though, sorry.

I pretty much liked everything about the game though! Enjoyed the writing, art style is great, music is fantastic. I found all the characters interesting and mostly I was just disappointed when I reached the end of the demo!

How is this project coming along anyway? And what are you plans for it in the future? 

I'm glad to hear! I'm tweaking the mechanics of the game at the moment. Once that's done, I'll be writing and revising the plot for the rest of 2018. We'll see after that. Cheers!



I had a question.
What software did you build with this game?

Believe it or not, RPG Maker MV is our engine! ✨